The Codere poker series was born: “We wanted to position Mexican poker”.

The Codere poker series was born:

The Mexican poker world and Marcelo Silva have long gone hand in hand. The Uruguayan has lived in Mexico for a long time and has made great strides in poker tournaments. So when we find out he has something to say, we go and see what he’s up to. 

Codere The current Regional Director has made some announcements about Mexican Poker. “Codere is a multinational leader in the entertainment industry with operations in seven countries. We believe in poker and live gaming and strive to provide a unique experience at each of our events. We started with LAPT Uruguay, Then there’s Panama and now it’s time to start operations in Mexico.

What’s this about? Mexico’s former WSOP Tournament Director replied:

“We begin operations at Codere Meneo at 315 Calle Nueva York, Napoles, Mexico City. The inauguration of the lounge will take place next Saturday 26th August at 4pm with the media and of course CodigoPoker in attendance. It will be the first to adopt a new operating model based on international standards. We focus on innovation and service, and provide customers with a unique experience. A key ingredient to our success is our people, so we can replicate this formula in our other four poker rooms. 

Marcelo Silva left no details of this coincidence of content. 

So, can the Mexicans look forward to a local series? – As a popular product of CodigoPoker, I would like to let you know that we have created a new brand called Codere Poker Series with our marketing team led by Leonardo Desentis . We will host our own tournaments and form strategic alliances with top brands around the world with the firm aim of further developing and positioning Mexican Poker with a fantastic festival. 

When will this happen? – The poker room is already under construction until December, reproducing the new management model we have implemented in Codere Meneo. To make this happen, I have the support of two poker managers, Gerardo Arroyo and Victor Treviño, who are in charge of operations. The festivals are planned for 2024. 

Finally, why did you decided to switch to poker? – Since Codere is the market leader, we had to create a new line of business from live gaming. We have enough room to represent the flow generators in our room. In addition, we will acquire elements of differentiation through strategic alliances and strive to further develop our business model. Our aim is to compete in markets with growth potential, always with a firm vision to be the leader in the markets in which we operate.

The Codere poker series was born:

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  • This text highlights the partnership between the Mexican poker world and Marcelo Silva, who has achieved success in poker tournaments in Mexico. Codere, a multinational leader in the entertainment industry, is starting operations in Mexico and aims to provide a unique and innovative experience for customers through their new brand, Codere Poker Series.

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    This text highlights the success of Marcelo Silva in the Mexican poker world and his involvement with Codere, a multinational entertainment company. It announces the opening of a new poker lounge in Mexico City and the launch of the Codere Poker Series, aiming to further develop and position Mexican Poker through tournaments and strategic alliances. The text also mentions the company’s focus on innovation and providing a unique experience for customers, with plans for festivals in 2024.

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