Phil Hellmuth to appear at ME WSOP in new suit

'The Greatest Showman' and 'The Lion King': Helmut...

The appearance of the “White Wizard of Poker” in the WSOP Main Event has been eagerly awaited by the community. Every year, Phil Helmut tries out an unusual approach-to-the-table look.

In general, Phil’s future outfits are unknown. The poker player emerged from the tournament area sympathetically, played his way through a few levels, and then carefully donned his everyday clothes to continue his search for a third title.

This year, however, Phil chose to announce his early appearance. Tomorrow, Helmut will play Phineas Taylor Barnum, or rather, his prototype, from Hugh Jackman’s The Greatest Showman.

Phil will be out alone for the second time in his acting history. But with Dan Cates, he opted for an equally interesting costume – the fabled “Lion King.” It’s not known exactly what it is: Beastmaster makeup or a full costume.

Phil expressed hope that it was just a painted face, but Cates couldn’t keep the costume and put on a real show. Especially according to the announcement, the poker player will be accompanied by 17 models.

In various years, Phil has appeared in the most bizarre costumes: the most apt image as a racing driver was at WSOP-2021, played by PokerBrat Gandalf the Wizard of Light in Tolkien’s trilogy, alongside the same Cates, but disguised as Saruman. The two even found time to engage in a sword fight.

Last year’s thrilling outing didn’t pan out. Phil dressed up as Darth Vader from Star Wars. However, it’s not high-quality armor, but ordinary painted tights, which don’t look very good. That’s why Helmut didn’t get any applause – most of the audience just booed him.

'The Greatest Showman' and 'The Lion King': Helmut...

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  • The text describes the anticipation and excitement surrounding Phil Helmut’s unique appearances and costumes at the WSOP Main Event. It highlights past costumes he has worn, including characters from movies and books, and mentions the audience’s mixed reactions to his Darth Vader costume from the previous year.

  • The text is discussing the anticipation of Phil Helmut’s costumes at the WSOP Main Event. It mentions some of the previous costumes he has worn and the mixed reactions from the audience.

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    This text discusses the anticipation and excitement around Phil Helmut’s appearance in the WSOP Main Event, where he is known for his unique and eccentric outfits. It mentions his previous costumes, including characters from The Greatest Showman and The Lion King, and describes the audience’s reaction to his Darth Vader costume last year.

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