Nacho Barbero Receives Largest Latin Prize in History

Nacho Barbero Receives Largest Latin Prize in Hist...

Nacho Barbero’s year at the table has been a dream. His results this morning in London prove it: the Argentine finished second in the 7th NLH 8-a-side event in the Triton Series and finished 3 Finished second in the one-handed tournament, he won the biggest prize in Latin poker history, a $3,445,807 star bomb

ACR Pro Team ACR put up in this $212.00 entry fee tournament to truly compete against many of the best players in the world culminating with David Yan The heads-up match ended, and after multiple leads the change fell to the New Zealander, who won the title, trophy and $3,052,002, while Espen Jorstad finished The task of reaching the podium. Winner of the 2022 WSOP Main Event for $2,766,191.

The trio agreed as the trio formed: Tim Adams finished fourth for $1,550,000 and Barbero had 55 Big Blinds, more than Yan and Jorstad combined, so they agreed to pay Nacho $3,445,807, Yan $2,952,002, Jorstad $2,766,191, plus $100,000 and a championship trophy.

Nacho Barbero’s Trail

In the Triton Series only, Barbero finished 16th in Event #3 for $38,600 and finished 1st in Event #5 7. $235,000 in prize money, 9. Attend Event 6 this Tuesday for an additional $156,000. After that event, Nacho entered the $212,000 buy-in Event #7 NLH 8-Handed, ending Day 1 as one of 27 players who advanced on Day 2 Leader.

With those chips, the Argentine managed to break into 13 ITMs and then fought on until reaching the final table. There, he played one of the most intense matches of his career, earning the biggest cash of his life and in Latin American poker.

The final table of Event #7 of the Triton Series London.

Anyway, the bottom line is that Nacho’s road to this blockbuster was not easy after I later lost the game with a significant advantage in heads-up like him, because He experienced many ups and downs in a day that lasted more than 12 hours.

In fact, with six factories left, Barbero has only 10 big blinds and is the sixth of six players with very little chips, but he And didn’t give up until he got the 3 highest scoring hands.

After the transaction was completed, Norwegian Jostad was on the podium and was the first to fall. All-in beat

Yan Shi, champion of London.

Nobody can stop Nacho

Nacho Barbero from having the worst year of his life in 2022 as the cryptocurrency world’s Luna digital currency collapses. “I want to make $100 million,” Barbero said in an interview. However, the blow cost him around 95% of his net worth in a matter of days.

These days are tough for the Argentines. “I was so depressed I didn’t have sex for two months,” he said. But he got redemption from this state: “I made up my mind that the money will come back.”

More than two months later, he began to fulfill his promise: the former Magic player Gathering Pro competed in the WSOP 2022 with 11 cashes, most notably in the Event #67 US$10K Super Turbo Bounty NLH for $587,511 Prize money to become champion His dream is to have his own bracelet. “I’m relieved. To be honest, winning a bracelet is a poker dream of mine,” said Barbero.

But the series did not end there. He continues to cash out across Europe before heading to the Bahamas in January 2023, where his biggest win awaits him. After five days of play, he finished fourth in the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship for $1,551,300.

Nacho Barbero Receives Largest Latin Prize in Hist...

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    This text describes the success and journey of poker player Nacho Barbero. He had a remarkable year, winning large cash prizes and achieving notable rankings in various tournaments. Despite facing setbacks, he persevered and continued to excel in the poker world.

  • This text is a summary of Nacho Barbero’s achievements in the world of poker, including his successes in various tournaments and his financial losses in the cryptocurrency market. It highlights his determination and redemption in poker, culminating in his fourth-place finish in a major championship.

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    This text tells the story of Nacho Barbero’s successful poker career, from winning a record-breaking prize in a tournament to facing setbacks and ultimately finding redemption through his perseverance and determination. Despite facing challenges in his personal life, he continues to pursue his dream of winning a bracelet and achieving success in the world of professional poker.

  • This text is a detailed account of Nacho Barbero’s journey in the world of poker, showcasing his success, setbacks, and eventual redemption. Despite facing challenges such as financial losses and emotional struggles, Barbero persevered and achieved significant wins, culminating in a successful performance at the PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas.

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