Jason Kuhn Claims Eighth Triton Poker Trophy

Most Important: Jason Kuhn Wins His Eighth Triton...

Jason Koon continues to prove to everyone that he is one of the best players in the world. After missing most of the WSOP due to the birth of his son, the American poker pro returned to the Triton Series of Poker in London for another $1.5 million win.

The record-breaking $60,000 buy-in tournament attracted 67 singles and 37 repeats for a $6,240,000 prize pool.

As expected, the lineup of participants for this tournament is very strong. In addition to the Triton regulars, the table also featured some current poker stars, including Espen Jørstad, who made his second final table in the first series, and Jørstad, who made waves during the WSOP with two expensive wins online. German Leon Sturm – and a live tournament in a week.

However, no one can keep up with Jason Kuhn. He confidently entered heads-up and defeated Brazil’s Rodrigo Celouan. He took home $1,570,000 for first place.

The victory gave Kuhn his eighth Triton Poker title, four more than his closest opponent. It’s worth noting that the American poker pro has only three trophies in 2021, but Jason’s performance bounced back: a loss in Madrid, a trophy in Vietnam, two trophies in Cyprus and one in London trophy.

Final commentator Ali Nejad joked after the match that the Triton award ceremony was predictable, to which Kuhn replied:

“This may be outdated for you, but I like it and I’ll keep playing.” That’s it. “In a lot of ways, it’s the same story. I play poker because I love [poker]. I play a lot less tournaments than I used to, but when I show up, I’m very focused and I’m better. ,” commented Jason.

Kuhn’s live table prize pool of $47,897,008 makes him the fifth most successful player in the world. That’s two million short of Stephen Chidwick and closes the gap to Negreanu to four million.

Nevertheless, Jason denies the fact that he is the best player in the world, although he points out that he is “one of the best.”

Most Important: Jason Kuhn Wins His Eighth Triton...

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  • This text highlights Jason Koon’s impressive performance in the Triton Series of Poker, where he won $1.5 million and his eighth Triton Poker title. It also mentions his overall success in the live table prize pool rankings. Koon humbly acknowledges his skill but does not claim to be the best player in the world.

  • This text discusses Jason Koon’s recent success in poker, highlighting his victory in the Triton Series of Poker in London. It mentions his impressive record, his winnings, and his position in the ranking of successful players, but also emphasizes his humility and focus on his love for the game rather than claiming to be the best.

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