Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

It was an epic day for Ricardo Loyola on Saturday, as the Carioca player not only claimed last year’s KSOP Ranking Championship, but also celebrated it by winning a Turbo KO . Special 7-Max, who defeated Emiliano Guido in a heads-up match.

Carioca expressed his joy at winning the trophy and shared his emotion: “This feeling is the best possible right now.” “I was so close here, I got it in the High Roller Fourth place. Now that we have managed to win this wonderful trophy, I will be able to give it to my kids who love it,” Loyola said, smiling at her victory in the Rio Center lobby.

As she did last year, Loyola was honored for her achievement, saying, “Today will live in my memory. It’s not just a title, is it? I have to be there.” All stages of the 2023 KSOP GGPoker to gain points and qualify to go to Argentina. I did it, went there and ended up winning. It was really good for me, plus it was my daughter’s birthday and we went there for a walk and stuff All very cool. Some locals and others from abroad stayed behind, like Juan Elmo, Fernando Gutierrez, Frasisco Beroutegui and Mateo Tojo . Even though it was a Turbine Tournament, Loyola managed to stay comfortable and control the tempo throughout the FT.

“There’s more to it than winning. Achieving the scale of “One Tournament” Rio de Janeiro crowned the entire poker community and we were lucky enough to be here to witness it. Congratulations to all involved and hopefully more games like this will strengthen the players in our capital city. ” Loyola said at the end of the game.

Kings Turbo – KSOP GGPoker South America

Buy-in fee: R$2,500Entries: 115Pot: R$270,000

Final Table

1. Location: Ricardo Loyola – R$57,000Second place: Emiliano Guido – R$38,000Third place: José Almir – R$28,000Fourth place: Juan Hermo – R$20,300Fifth place: Fernando Gutierrez – R$16,000Sixth place: Francisco Belautegui – R$13,0007th place: Paulo Gini – R$10,5008th place: Lucas Rigos – R$8,5009th place: Mateo Tocho – R$7,000

Final table.

Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

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  • Leopold.hickle

    The text describes the achievements of Ricardo Loyola in a poker tournament, where he won the KSOP Ranking Championship and a Turbo KO match. Loyola expresses his joy at winning the trophy and plans to give it to his children. Overall, it was a memorable and successful day for Loyola in the poker community.

  • Edward.torphy

    This text describes Ricardo Loyola’s successful day in a poker tournament, where he not only won last year’s championship but also won another event. Loyola expresses his joy at winning and plans to give the trophy to his children.

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