André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neymar’s birthday

André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neyma...

Neymar’s 32nd birthday celebrations started early at his mansion in Mangalatiba, Rio de Janeiro, with poker being the star of the night. PokerStars Ambassador André Akkari emerged victorious in the tournament hosted by Al-Hilal Player, adding another trophy to his already impressive collection.

In the private tournament, one of Brazil’s biggest names, poker players including Rafael Moraes, Affif Prado, Rafael Mota and Stetson Fraiha participated, Akkari won, taking home the coveted trophy featuring the PokerStars logo and NJ32 branding. To mark Neymar’s anniversary

The champion posted a video on his Instagram Stories announcing his victory and expressing respect for Neymar’s passion for poker. “Respect, champ,” Akari wrote in the post.

This is not the first time Akari has had success in a tournament organized by Brazilian football players. The pro also won an event at the Neymar Series of Poker (NSOP) last December in an exciting showdown with his girlfriend and fellow PokerStars pro Lali Tournier.

With this victory, André Akkari establishes his status as one of the most important references in the history of Brazilian poker and takes advantage of Neymar ( Neymar Jr.’s birthday celebrations add yet another luminary to his illustrious and successful career at the poker tables.

Neymar uses poker as therapy for Andrei Akari

As local league leaders Al Hilal prepare to face Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami on January 29, Neymar shows off his ability to Versatility outside of football. His most recent foray into the poker world came at the PokerStars New Year’s Series Main Event Senior, where he finished 13th out of 294 entrants and pocketed $19,663.

Neymar’s time at the poker table continues to increase.

Although the price points to a two-year deal worth nearly $300 million that he recently signed with Al Hilal, at first glance That may seem like a pittance compared to a 2018 contract, but Neymar has proven after his retirement that he can be a professional and play alongside some of the best players in the world. The world is more reasonable than ever.

Neymar’s Goals

In January 2022, during the Winter Series, the forward finished third in the $1,050 Turbo event for $23,884. Another third place finisher, this time in the $10,300 High Roller, earned $125,678, his highest poker cash to date. Later that year, Neymar made his World Series of Poker (WSOP)Extreme Hold’em tournament debut after winning $10,000 in prize money. Although he failed to win, he entered the ITM less than a week later and finished 49th in the $1,000 Super Turbo bounty event.

He nearly got a red card at the poker table that day

During the Super Turbo Bounty, security nearly kicked the star out of the tournament area when the prize bubble burst. The footballer was chatting with some friends, including Andre Akkari from the PokerStars Pro team, when a member of the security team, unaware that Neymar was one of the participants, almost chased him away go out. Luckily, Neymar survived the cut and won his first WSOP cash.

André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neyma...

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  • It seems like Neymar enjoys poker and has been playing in tournaments with other Brazilian football players, with André Akkari emerging as a champion. Neymar’s success in the poker world adds another dimension to his versatile talents outside of football.

  • Roberts.ronaldo

    This text highlights Neymar’s passion for poker and his success in recent tournaments, showcasing his versatility outside of football. It also mentions his ongoing improvement and achievements in the world of professional poker, solidifying his status as a competitive player in the industry.

  • Emmerich.meda

    It seems that Neymar is passionate about poker and enjoys celebrating his birthday with poker tournaments. It’s interesting to see him not only excel on the football field, but also in the world of poker, showcasing his versatility and skills. The text highlights his success in various poker events and his growing presence in the poker community.

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