Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

Allan Mello is the country’s top GGMillion$ representative for the second year in a row. By Sunday night the 30th, the Freedom35 account pilot was just two eliminations away from returning to the final. Overall, 11th place earned the gaucho $25,344.

After surviving the bubble burst, Allan led with K♠8♥ and called an all-in straight from the small aces. Big “M@rllorye” instacall with only 10 BBS and revealed A♦A♥. The board 6CheckQ♠5CheckA♠7♥ didn’t surprise the Panamanian, who doubled up.

Also at the same level is Daniel Smiljkovic, who has a good chunk of Allan’s stack, “The Smiling Hero”. Another pre-flop all-in had the Brazilian with A?K?

Allen only has 5 BBS left now, and he can still stick to a few tricks. In his bye, he dominated “yyyy96”, K♠4♠ against A♠Q♦. 2♦3♥Q♠5♣9♣The board confirms that the Chinese team has won, and the game will go hand in hand.

Decision will be made on Tuesday 1st at 15:00 BST. Currently, Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic leads the pack with 136 BBS, more than double that of second place. The winner will receive a total of $262,938.

Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

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  • Goodwin.cyril

    This text appears to be a summary of a poker competition involving various players from different countries. It mentions the achievements and actions of specific players, such as Allan Mello and Milos Picasso98 Petakovic, and indicates that the winner will receive a significant prize.

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    This text appears to be discussing a poker tournament or competition, with Allan Mello being praised as a top representative. The text includes details about his gameplay and current standings, as well as mentioning other players and potential outcomes.

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  • Dibbert.libby

    The text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where Allan Mello is a top player. Despite facing tough competition and being low on chips, Allan manages to double up and stay in the game. The final decision on the winner will be made on Tuesday.

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