Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo go head-to-head in $1M GGMillion$ FT

Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo go head-to-head in...

The first Tuesday in August became a must-attend event for GGMillion$ with many Spanish finalists.

Juan Pardo broke his curse at the final table of the top weekly tournament held in the GGPoker lobby and won after a dozen tries.

That was 7 days later and then it was Vicente Delgado, who had a completely different experience than the Malaga native, who only had two fights at the FT card, he knew he was ninth.

These two, “codelsa” and “malaka” are undoubtedly the most in-form high buy-in tournament players in our online community and will once again reach the finals of this event, this time together, And best of all, it’s about special editions.

GGPoker has a healthy habit of tying tournaments to various calendars and offering inflated margins to make the GGMillion$ 10k$ turned out to be one of the best tournaments of all its festivals. Reinforced qualification system with satellites and flights. All the more reason this time to be the main event of GGMillion$ week.

As a result, Vicente and Juan were fighting for a much higher than usual GGMillion$ this Tuesday night.

On August 2nd, Juan was awarded $262,938 as the tournament winner. Today, the The money is paid at a small premium to the sixth-place finisher. The winner gets $1 million. Well, almost, almost ($998,294).

If one of the Spaniards wins, This will be the second largest payout in our virtual poker history. $1,171 $0.144, Malaka himself finished second in another GGMillion$ World Festival special edition.

Nothing could be more off-putting than a bear pelt in an auction, but two of our representatives were a chip leader trio and had 60+ BB going into the final.

Completing the trio is Ding Biao from Hong Kong. The first place in the middle is Vicente and the third place Hu is in the fourth place. They are the best players on the poker table Formidable opponent David Peters.

Vicente Delgado and Juan Pardo go head-to-head in...

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  • The text highlights the success of Spanish players in the GGMillion$ tournament and their dominance in high buy-in tournaments. It also mentions the potential for a significant payout if one of the Spaniards wins, making it one of the largest payouts in virtual poker history.

  • This text describes the success of Juan Pardo and Vicente Delgado in the GGMillion$ tournament, highlighting their skill and achievements in high buy-in tournaments. It also mentions the potential for a record-breaking payout if one of the Spaniards wins, and their strong positions going into the final alongside another player, Ding Biao.

  • It seems like the GGMillion$ tournament on the first Tuesday in August was a successful and exciting event for Spanish players, with Juan Pardo breaking his curse and winning after multiple attempts. The high buy-in tournament had a large payout and the Spanish players performed well, making it a memorable event in the online poker community.

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