The story of a London drunkard

London court backs casino in dispute with 'drunk'...

Lengthy court hearings are a classic procedure in the casino world. Another case between Asian businessman Lester Hui and Britain’s Crown London Aspinalls casino concluded last week.

This happened in 2016 and is described in detail on Lester is a regular visitor to Crown Casino where he has a line of credit.

One night he lost £589,724 (approximately $718,000) at baccarat and refused to pay the bill, saying the casino regularly offered him hard liquor to force him to continue gambling.

Leicester’s lawyers argued that casinos had a “social responsibility” to protect their patrons but they ignored that obligation.

After that proved unsuccessful, Xu decided to pay and wrote a check. When he tried to redeem, he was rejected because there wasn’t enough money in the account. The evidence was provided by lawyers for Crown Casino, who launched a counterclaim against the high rollers. They also disputed the fact that Leicester claimed a reduction in losses on that unfortunate night.

Xu’s machines played a key role in commercial disputes. After leaving three-quarters of a million at the baccarat table, Lester jumped in his Bentley and drove nearly 20 miles home. According to casino officials, this proved their customer was not as drunk as he claimed.

Ultimately, the presiding judge ruled that Mr Xu had exaggerated the extent of his drinking and that Aspinalls staff had no reason to believe that he was therefore too drunk to continue playing. So Leicester should pay his bills for seven years.

As so often happens in cases like this, winning in court is only half the battle. Now he has to get the money, which could take another seven years.

London court backs casino in dispute with 'drunk'...

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  • Derrick.wintheiser

    This text describes a lengthy court case involving an Asian businessman and a British casino regarding unpaid gambling debts. The judge ruled that the businessman exaggerated his level of intoxication and is now obligated to pay his bills, but actually obtaining the money may still take several years.

  • Damien.champlin

    This text describes a court case between an Asian businessman and a casino in London, where the businessman refused to pay his gambling losses and claimed the casino forced him to continue gambling. The judge ruled in favor of the casino, stating that the businessman exaggerated his drinking and should pay his bills. However, it is mentioned that collecting the money may still take several years.

  • I think this text highlights the complex legal battles that can arise in the world of casinos, especially involving high rollers and large sums of money. It also shows the importance of thorough evidence and legal arguments in these cases.

  • This text highlights the legal battles and disputes that can arise in the casino world, such as the case between Lester Hui and Crown London Aspinalls casino. The outcome shows the challenges of winning in court and collecting payment in such cases.

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