Paris and Cyprus have secured a spot on Pokerstars’ 2024 EPT schedule

Paris and Cyprus have secured a spot on Pokerstars...

Thus, Paris and Cyprus have earned their place on the most predictable schedule in the history of the European Poker Tour.

In different forms than EPT, which visits eight to ten cities every year, there is more room for testing and innovation. In its modern, updated and more successful version, the casting of one of the five slots in the 2024 calendar was completed a month ago, with the PokerStars round ending on its first visit to Cypriot soil.

Other large cities such as Berlin and London have not had this kind of management exam in the past decade. Paris does not appear to be an ideal candidate city as it has proven to be incapable of hosting the WSOPE or its annual WPT event. However, in this post-pandemic scenario, it has become an eager, noisy and celebratory cult, with participants finding more space and more public attention, only to become even bigger than it was. .

Cedric Billot, Deputy Director of Live Event Operations quickly confirmed: “After last year’s EPT Paris, we listened carefully to player feedback and considered how to improve.” This event The experience and ability has the potential to become one of the biggest festivals in history. A new, larger venue, improved registration, more tables… We hope to welcome as many players as possible to Paris in 2024! “.

The organization has rented the Palais de Congrès in Paris without leaving the Champs Elysées and has promised to make 120 tables available to the public for the next edition.

In Cyprus The opposite happened, everyone was raving about the place. Halfway through the festival it became clear that Merit was a dream debut for the organization and the players, and there was no way it would be on the final date of the EPT schedule Beating the Mediterranean island.

That’s why with the same lineup repeating itself for the second year in a row, the question remains as to how hard PokerStars will try to improve in the future. They’ll be content with improving their numbers each season and competing with themselves Struggle, or will the expansion finally be tackled with a new cast?

Paris and Cyprus have secured a spot on Pokerstars...

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    The text discusses the predictability of the European Poker Tour’s schedule, with cities like Paris and Cyprus being consistent hosts. It highlights the potential for improvement in Paris after listening to player feedback, while also questioning if PokerStars will strive for expansion or focus on improving their numbers.

  • The text discusses the predictability of the European Poker Tour schedule, highlighting Paris and Cyprus as regular destinations. It mentions potential improvements in Paris based on player feedback, while questioning whether PokerStars will strive for further expansion or be content with incremental improvements in the future.

  • This text discusses the predictable schedule of the European Poker Tour, highlighting the repeated inclusion of Paris and Cyprus. It mentions the potential for improvement in Paris and suggests that PokerStars may need to consider expanding and introducing new locations in the future.

  • The text discusses the predictability of the European Poker Tour schedule, with Paris and Cyprus being regular destinations. It also mentions improvements in event organization in Paris, while questioning whether PokerStars will continue to innovate or stick to their current formula.

  • This text discusses the success and popularity of poker tournaments in Paris and Cyprus, with the potential for growth and improvement in upcoming editions. It also raises questions about how PokerStars will approach further expansion and improvement in the future.

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