Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR title

Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR ti...

In yesterday’s Round 12, several players upped their budgets and scored big wins at Suprema Brazil. In the R$250 Battle HR, grinder Marco “Juninhu13Sts” Antônio defeated 753 opponents to earn R$32,105.

Meanwhile, “DiogBlefante” was crowned winner in the R$5 Big Plus. He finished first among 8,328 entrants and won R$ 23,247.

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750 R$ HighS (137 entrants)

Winner: “Kmião de Lenha” R $ 21,744

R$ 550 Omax HR (75 entries)

Winner: “sevoflurano” R$ 18,041

R$ 55 Mystery (1,908 entrants)

Winner: “cpp100” €12,357

Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR ti...

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  • This text is reporting on the winners and their prize money from various matches at Suprema Brazil. The players mentioned had successful results and earned significant amounts of money.

  • This text discusses the recent success of various players in the Suprema Brazil competition. Some notable winners include Marco “Juninhu13Sts” Antônio and “DiogBlefante”, who both earned substantial wins. The text also mentions other winners in different categories and highlights the prize amounts they received.

  • It seems like there were some impressive victories in yesterday’s Round 12 at Suprema Brazil, with players increasing their budgets and scoring big wins. The diversity of tournaments and prize amounts showcased a range of skilled players coming out on top.

  • Carmel.bechtelar

    This text highlights the success of several players in a recent round of Suprema Brazil, with notable wins in various tournaments. It showcases the skill and competitiveness within the poker community in Brazil.

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