Ivey is Ivey: He hits Aces 3-2

Ivey is Ivey: He hits Aces 3-2

The Poker Championship, as many call the Triton Series, is becoming the venue for poker masterclasses, and that’s exactly what Phil Ivey target is. Just won the last tournament.

An interesting event for the Tiger Woods of poker, although he has yet to win the trophy In his previous events in London, he has There are some cash and hands to analyze.

This caller’s Event #6 NLH 7-Handed has a $60,000 buy-in and takes place before the final table. In the showdown, Ivey got 3 2 while Leon Sturm held AA on the other side. See what happened next…

🐐 @philivey: Welcome to my masterclass, 32nd edition. pic.twitter.com/hvRZqJq3G3

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) August 1, 2023

In the end, the 10th place German was The elimination purse was $128,000, and Americans stayed in the campaign for a while before betting $6,363,000.

On the other hand, Jason Koon, he won the championship and the corresponding $1,570,000. Latin Armada also represented Rodrigo Selouan as a entrant for $1,060,300 and Argentina Nacho Barbero also finished in 9th place for $156,000 before landing on the Bigger Bombshell in Latin Poker History.



Final Rank

1. Jason Kun – $1,570,0002. Rodrigo Celouan – $1,060,3003° Justin Saliba – $690,0004. Dan Smith – $571,0005. Mathias Eibinger – $460,6006. Phil Ivey – $363,0007 Espen Jostad – $277,5008. Alex Kulev – $209,000

9° Nacho Barbero – $156,00010° Leon Sturm – $128,00011° Seth Gottlieb – $128,00012° Santosh Suvarna – $112,30013° Sam Greenwood – $112,30014° Alex Boyka – $103,00015° Daniel DeVores – $103,00016° David Malka – $98,00017° Fedor Holz – $98,000

Ivey is Ivey: He hits Aces 3-2

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  • This text is a summary of a poker championship event, highlighting the performance of Phil Ivey and the final standings of the tournament. It provides information about the buy-in amounts, prize money, and the top players who participated.

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    This text discusses Phil Ivey’s performance at the Triton Series Poker Championship, highlighting his win in a recent tournament. It also mentions other notable players and their earnings from the event. It seems to be focusing on the high stakes and competitive nature of the tournament.

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    This text highlights Phil Ivey’s success in the Triton Series Poker Championship and his masterclass performance. Despite not winning the trophy in previous events, he continues to excel in the tournament. Other notable players such as Jason Koon and Rodrigo Celouan also had impressive finishes in the championship.

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