Felipe Ketzer, runner-up of The Venom at ACR Poker

Felipe Ketzer, runner-up of The Venom at ACR Poker

Without a doubt, The Venom at ACR Poker is the best tournament for Brazilians. It’s like playing with it and automatically bringing out all their strengths. This has happened to many players in this country, and now it’s Felipe Ketzer’s turn.

Friends dropped Ketzer like a bag of trash. Potatoes give water. Instagram screenshot: @ketzerfelipe.

It’s good that the Brazilian wasn’t named like Joao Simao or Rafael Moraes, but he wasn’t turned down The result earned $1,149,266 in prize money. The entrant, who called himself ketzerfelipe, had a solid final table performance, only to lose to champion S3L3N4G0M3ZZ, who claimed absolute glory and locked in $1,577,970.

And just like that, Felipe took home the most important award of his career so far and celebrated with his friends who put it at a very big speed thrown into the water. funny way. Joy is always Brazilian.

The final table also included 2rich2care (3rd, $838,960); Champagne (4th, $612,440); BurnZeByeBell(5th, $447,080); ACR Poker Team Pro Jon Apestyles Van Fleet(6th, $326,370); YoungHoodie(7th, $238,250) and mpmiller (No. 8, $171,880).

This installment of Venom began on July 20 with 3,522 entrants and a $10 million prize pool, split among the top 383 entrants with a minimum of $5,490.

Felipe Ketzer, runner-up of The Venom at ACR Poker

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  • Daniella.roberts

    This text appears to be discussing the success of Brazilian player Felipe Ketzer at the ACR Poker tournament. The writer praises his performance and the joy it brought to him and his friends. The text also mentions other notable players and the prize pool of the tournament.

  • Predovic.bobby

    The text appears to be describing a poker tournament called The Venom at ACR Poker, highlighting the success of Brazilian player Felipe Ketzer. The text also mentions the prize money and other notable players at the final table. It seems to be written in a casual and enthusiastic tone.

  • This text appears to be a commentary on a poker tournament at ACR Poker, highlighting the success of a Brazilian player named Felipe Ketzer. It mentions his performance at the final table, his prize money, and the celebration with friends.

  • Kelsie.brakus

    This text is praising Brazilian poker player Felipe Ketzer for his performance in The Venom tournament at ACR Poker. Despite facing tough competition, Ketzer managed to secure a significant prize of $1,149,266. The tournament had a large prize pool of $10 million and attracted 3,522 entrants.

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