BSOP Millions: Paulo Joanello conquers 2-day high roller

Paulo Joanello wins 2-Day High Roller Championship...

The BSOP Millions High Roller showcases the strength of the event. On Wednesday (29th), the last day of the historical stage, several champions were crowned at the Sheraton Hall of the World Trade Center, and one of them was very special. Paulo Joanello, a charismatic figure in the Brazilian poker scene, put in an impeccable performance to win the 2-day High Roller Championship.

Leaving the event with the trophy, Joanello persevered and qualified for the coveted R$ 15,000 tournament in Game 45 by just minutes. Paulo emerged victorious from a field of 81 entrants and received a generous prize of R$232,765. The money came from transactions between 4 people.

“Two days of competition, a little nervous, but I’m happy, right? I was tied up and I played all the expensive stuff. It was great to finally get that first BSOP Millions trophy and win . Just the final table made me happy, everything went well in the end and I’m happy,” said Joanello.

As the name of the tournament suggests, it is a very compact two-day event. Joanello entered the final day with an average chip stack following a strong performance, but he had to use good strategy to overcome the bubble in 11th place.

“I just wanted to survive, and I did it. I passed.” In the middle, I had a bubble eight blind and had to go all-in, but no one called and I advanced. I didn’t do well in the FT, but the structure was tight and I managed to win the all-in I was in. The decisive hand “This is the hand” KK blindly played AK, and everything went smoothly from that point on. However, I was able to settle down over the course of five games and continue to win. ” she said.

At the end of another season, Joanello has had a busy year as one of the Brazilian WSOP champions, participating in multiple events with his father, Luiz Joanello. Now his next One step to 2024:

“I want to go to the Bahamas, but I can’t. I have to work and have a lot of business and family responsibilities. “But in 2024 I plan to visit as many people as possible. I had so much fun here that I forgot about everything and spent 15 days traveling. Wherever I am, I will be there,” he concluded .

View the entire prize pool:

1. – Paulo Joanello – 232,765 R$*

2. – Leandro Bustillo – R$ 161,145*

3. – Lionel Garza – R$ 161,145*

4. – Luan Pereira – R$ 161,145*

5. – Hermogenes Gelonezi – R$ 80,000

6° – Alex Gelinski – R$ 62,500

7. – Hugo Marcelo – BRL 49,500

8. – Julian Pineda – R$ 38,500

9. – Bernardo Dias – R$ 29,200

*4 hands traded

Paulo Joanello wins 2-Day High Roller Championship...

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  • Stiedemann.tristin

    The text highlights the success of Paulo Joanello in winning the BSOP Millions High Roller Championship, showcasing his impeccable performance and perseverance. He emerged victorious from a field of 81 entrants and received a generous prize.

  • Durgan.thomas

    The text discusses the victory of Paulo Joanello in the BSOP Millions High Roller poker tournament and his plans for the future. Joanello emerged victorious from a field of 81 players, winning a prize of R$232,765.

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