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Gutierrez wins again for Colombia at KSOP South America

Gutierrez wins again for Colombia at KSOP South Am...

This Wednesday is the last day of the KSOP GGPoker South America. It lasted for two weeks and produced huge prizes until the end, so that with the exception of the final table of the Main Event the other tournaments were defined as High Roller Light,Fernando Gutiérrez AlfonsobecameColombia’s champion, adding two titles in one day.

The tournament has a buy-in of R$6,000 and a guaranteed prize pool of R$1,000,000. A total of 194 entries were counted. In addition to the trophy, the champion received a bonus of R$ 210,000 for his great victory. On the other hand, his participation in the next stage of KSOP 2024 has been guaranteed.

Andres Borges, champion Fernando Gutierrez and Brenau Drummond.

When asked about his feelings after the victory, the champion was very happy after so many days of hard competition: “The biggest feeling is endurance.” This journey has been quite difficult and I have participated in many competitions. But I always come back and keep at it. Thank God, the results of the last game are out. ”

When he entered the three-man tournament, the favorite seemed to be the Brazilian Breno Drumond, but Gutierrez beat him by a huge margin as he defeated the bottom pool and eventually bowed out of the tournament in third place. After going heads-up with André Borges with more chips, it was only a matter of time before the Colombian won the trophy.

Mexico also Strong trophy wins at the same event Leonel Guerra finished seventh with a prize of R$ 33,000, and Francis Cruz finished ninth with a prize of R$ 20,000.

KSOP GGPoker South America – High Roller Light

Buy-in: R$6,000

Number of Entrants: 194

Pot: R 1,000,000 USDGTD

Final Table

1° Fernando Gutierrez – R$210,0002. Andre Borges – 150,000 reals3° Brenaud Drummond – R$110,0004° Felipe Salgado – R$75,0005° Marcelo Aziz – R$56,0006° Rafael Tabalipa – R$44,0007° Lionel Guerra – R$33,0008° Alison Elleres – R$25,4009° Francis Cruz – R$20,000

Gutierrez wins again for Colombia at KSOP South Am...

André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neymar’s birthday

André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neyma...

Neymar’s 32nd birthday celebrations started early at his mansion in Mangalatiba, Rio de Janeiro, with poker being the star of the night. PokerStars Ambassador André Akkari emerged victorious in the tournament hosted by Al-Hilal Player, adding another trophy to his already impressive collection.

In the private tournament, one of Brazil’s biggest names, poker players including Rafael Moraes, Affif Prado, Rafael Mota and Stetson Fraiha participated, Akkari won, taking home the coveted trophy featuring the PokerStars logo and NJ32 branding. To mark Neymar’s anniversary

The champion posted a video on his Instagram Stories announcing his victory and expressing respect for Neymar’s passion for poker. “Respect, champ,” Akari wrote in the post.

This is not the first time Akari has had success in a tournament organized by Brazilian football players. The pro also won an event at the Neymar Series of Poker (NSOP) last December in an exciting showdown with his girlfriend and fellow PokerStars pro Lali Tournier.

With this victory, André Akkari establishes his status as one of the most important references in the history of Brazilian poker and takes advantage of Neymar ( Neymar Jr.’s birthday celebrations add yet another luminary to his illustrious and successful career at the poker tables.

Neymar uses poker as therapy for Andrei Akari

As local league leaders Al Hilal prepare to face Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami on January 29, Neymar shows off his ability to Versatility outside of football. His most recent foray into the poker world came at the PokerStars New Year’s Series Main Event Senior, where he finished 13th out of 294 entrants and pocketed $19,663.

Neymar’s time at the poker table continues to increase.

Although the price points to a two-year deal worth nearly $300 million that he recently signed with Al Hilal, at first glance That may seem like a pittance compared to a 2018 contract, but Neymar has proven after his retirement that he can be a professional and play alongside some of the best players in the world. The world is more reasonable than ever.

Neymar’s Goals

In January 2022, during the Winter Series, the forward finished third in the $1,050 Turbo event for $23,884. Another third place finisher, this time in the $10,300 High Roller, earned $125,678, his highest poker cash to date. Later that year, Neymar made his World Series of Poker (WSOP)Extreme Hold’em tournament debut after winning $10,000 in prize money. Although he failed to win, he entered the ITM less than a week later and finished 49th in the $1,000 Super Turbo bounty event.

He nearly got a red card at the poker table that day

During the Super Turbo Bounty, security nearly kicked the star out of the tournament area when the prize bubble burst. The footballer was chatting with some friends, including Andre Akkari from the PokerStars Pro team, when a member of the security team, unaware that Neymar was one of the participants, almost chased him away go out. Luckily, Neymar survived the cut and won his first WSOP cash.

André Akkari wins an exclusive tournament on Neyma...

Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

It was an epic day for Ricardo Loyola on Saturday, as the Carioca player not only claimed last year’s KSOP Ranking Championship, but also celebrated it by winning a Turbo KO . Special 7-Max, who defeated Emiliano Guido in a heads-up match.

Carioca expressed his joy at winning the trophy and shared his emotion: “This feeling is the best possible right now.” “I was so close here, I got it in the High Roller Fourth place. Now that we have managed to win this wonderful trophy, I will be able to give it to my kids who love it,” Loyola said, smiling at her victory in the Rio Center lobby.

As she did last year, Loyola was honored for her achievement, saying, “Today will live in my memory. It’s not just a title, is it? I have to be there.” All stages of the 2023 KSOP GGPoker to gain points and qualify to go to Argentina. I did it, went there and ended up winning. It was really good for me, plus it was my daughter’s birthday and we went there for a walk and stuff All very cool. Some locals and others from abroad stayed behind, like Juan Elmo, Fernando Gutierrez, Frasisco Beroutegui and Mateo Tojo . Even though it was a Turbine Tournament, Loyola managed to stay comfortable and control the tempo throughout the FT.

“There’s more to it than winning. Achieving the scale of “One Tournament” Rio de Janeiro crowned the entire poker community and we were lucky enough to be here to witness it. Congratulations to all involved and hopefully more games like this will strengthen the players in our capital city. ” Loyola said at the end of the game.

Kings Turbo – KSOP GGPoker South America

Buy-in fee: R$2,500Entries: 115Pot: R$270,000

Final Table

1. Location: Ricardo Loyola – R$57,000Second place: Emiliano Guido – R$38,000Third place: José Almir – R$28,000Fourth place: Juan Hermo – R$20,300Fifth place: Fernando Gutierrez – R$16,000Sixth place: Francisco Belautegui – R$13,0007th place: Paulo Gini – R$10,5008th place: Lucas Rigos – R$8,5009th place: Mateo Tocho – R$7,000

Final table.

Emiliano Guido takes the podium in Rio de Janeiro

Advanced PGT Schedule

PokerGO is expanding its PGT schedule and will hos...

2023 is sure to be a record year for live poker. Every organizer is looking to expand their schedule, with even the WSOP announcing an alternative to the classics in Vegas and Rosewood.

Now PokerGO is on the move too. Their schedule (PGT Series, Poker Masters and Super High Roller Bowl) was already full, but the operator decided to expand further.

In an interesting addition, another series dedicated to Omaha will be in Las Vegas October 19-30. The festival was held for the first time earlier this year and has been surprisingly successful: more than 1,000 individuals signed up and more than $10,000,000 in prize money.

The PGT PLO will kick off with a special four-day super high $100,000 ($300,000 in Texas Hold’em) Omaha Roller Bowl, taking place October 16-18. The final two days – the pre-finals and the final table – will be broadcast live on PokerGO.

The program also includes the ARIA High Roller Series, scheduled for November 27-30. This stop looks a bit odd, as it only includes four events, each with a $10,000 buy-in.

The new poker year kicks off with PGT Last, while the PokerGO Circuit completes series opportunities (January 2-7). It’s a series of six unannounced tournaments offering one last chance to win leaderboard points. The winner will receive $50,000.

A special $1,000,000 freeroll will take place on January 9th. It is open to the top 40 finishers in all PGT series. The winner will receive $500,000 and an additional $500,000 will be distributed among all final table participants.

In the meantime, there will be some great content for you to enjoy in a few weeks. On September 14, the Poker Masters Jacket Series kicked off with the classic Super High Roller Bowl.

PokerGO is expanding its PGT schedule and will hos...

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

LATAM LEAGUE, our Latin American Amateur Poker League at 888poker, ends a great year with guaranteed prize money increases, more FREEROLLS QUALY tickets and finals (4 dates) January 7, 2024, $500 prize.

♠ Prizes

The top 20 rankings of this month, based on the final position added up on 4 dates, will receive the following Additional rewards.

1. – $109 into your 888Poker account. + League Champion interviews and features. 2nd and 3rd place – $22 goes into your 888Poker account. 4th – 5th and 6th – $16.50 into your 888Poker account. 7th to 10th – $8.80 credited to your 888Poker account. 11th – 20th – $3.30 into your 888Poker account.

♠ LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty – December 2023

We cordially invite you to participate in the game hosted by 888Poker, designed for casual players from Latin America. What makes this league special is that it can only be played by users from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. The best part is more prizes are added every month.

Ranking and position table

♠More information

Contains 4 dates per month , taking place on Sunday evenings in Latin America from 8:30 – 7:30 – 6:30 – 5:30 pm. Registration fee is $1, single repurchase is $1 (no surcharge), and there will be two (2) FREEROLLS QUALY satellites every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 – 7:30 – 6 p.m.:30 – 5 :30 p.m.

The registration password and all information can be found on the 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

Here is the complete schedule for the entire tournament.

Latin American Amateur Poker League and 888poker

Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

Allan Mello is the country’s top GGMillion$ representative for the second year in a row. By Sunday night the 30th, the Freedom35 account pilot was just two eliminations away from returning to the final. Overall, 11th place earned the gaucho $25,344.

After surviving the bubble burst, Allan led with K♠8♥ and called an all-in straight from the small aces. Big “M@rllorye” instacall with only 10 BBS and revealed A♦A♥. The board 6CheckQ♠5CheckA♠7♥ didn’t surprise the Panamanian, who doubled up.

Also at the same level is Daniel Smiljkovic, who has a good chunk of Allan’s stack, “The Smiling Hero”. Another pre-flop all-in had the Brazilian with A?K?

Allen only has 5 BBS left now, and he can still stick to a few tricks. In his bye, he dominated “yyyy96”, K♠4♠ against A♠Q♦. 2♦3♥Q♠5♣9♣The board confirms that the Chinese team has won, and the game will go hand in hand.

Decision will be made on Tuesday 1st at 15:00 BST. Currently, Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic leads the pack with 136 BBS, more than double that of second place. The winner will receive a total of $262,938.

Allan Mello exits GGMillion$ in 11th place

Basic Rules of Texas Hold’em Poker

Basic Rules of Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em is a poker game for 2 to 10 players that follows very simple rules.

The goal is to create the best five-card poker hand, with any combination of the two cards dealt to you face down and the five community cards face up on the table .

Here are the key points of Texas hold’em poker:

Dealer: The cards are dealt from the dealer’s stand, each After the hand table is rotated, the dealer moves clockwise around the stand.

The player designated as the dealer for a given hand is identified by a circular “D” mark on the table.

The software will automatically deal the cards on behalf of the dealer. See: Names of table positions

Blinds: To start a game of Texas Hold’em, a player must sit down at the dealer’s table and place a small blind ( Usually half the minimum bet), the player sitting to his left posts the big blind (equal to the minimum bet).

This creates the pot and encourages other players to place bets. They are called “blind bets” because these bets are made before any cards are visible.

Dealing: Each player is dealt two cards, called hole cards, which are the only cards he can be dealt that are seen by the player holding them.

Betting: When all Texas Hold’em players have received two cards face down, a betting round begins with the seated player starting with the big blind. Starts on the left side of the player.

Players may not call, check, check, bet, raise or reraise game and table bets within the following limits based on previous activity during the current hand.

A betting round can take place multiple times on the table if there are raises or reraises. The round ends when all players have seen their final bet or have not left yet.

The first 3 cards turn face up (flop): : Then the first 3 cards turn up face up (or fail). ): Three cards are dealt, face up, in the public area of ​​the table, and another round of betting begins.

Fourth card face up (turn):Then the fourth face up card of their turn is dealt face up next to the first three face up cards. Then the third round of betting begins.

The fifth and final face-up card (river card)): The last community card, the fifth and final face-up card (or The river card) is placed face up next to the fourth face up card, and a final round of betting takes place.

Showdown: After betting is completed, all cards will be revealed. The remaining Texas Hold’em players use any combination of their two hole cards and the five community cards to compare the best five-card poker hands they have created.

The player with the best hand wins the pot. Sometimes two or more players have the same hand, or the best hand consists of only five community cards. In this case, the relevant players share the pot.

The next hand. After the pot is dealt, the dealer’s marker moves to the next player to the left (clockwise around the pot). . table), the player sitting to the left of the new dealer places a blind bet so that a new hand of Texas Hold’em can begin.

Basic Rules of Texas Hold'em Poker

Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR title

Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR ti...

In yesterday’s Round 12, several players upped their budgets and scored big wins at Suprema Brazil. In the R$250 Battle HR, grinder Marco “Juninhu13Sts” Antônio defeated 753 opponents to earn R$32,105.

Meanwhile, “DiogBlefante” was crowned winner in the R$5 Big Plus. He finished first among 8,328 entrants and won R$ 23,247.

View more results:

750 R$ HighS (137 entrants)

Winner: “Kmião de Lenha” R $ 21,744

R$ 550 Omax HR (75 entries)

Winner: “sevoflurano” R$ 18,041

R$ 55 Mystery (1,908 entrants)

Winner: “cpp100” €12,357

Marco Antonio wins the Suprema Brazil Battle HR ti...

Elias Neto enters Day 2 of EPT Prague Main Event

Elias Neto has an impressive chip stack and tops t...

Elias Neto is the main Brazilian still alive from day two of the EPT Prague Main Event. In a tournament with a total of 1,285 entrants and 251 players still alive, Elias advanced to day two with a whopping 117,000 in chips, equivalent to 78 big blinds when play resumed; Tian got off to a good start, rising to 340,000 in chips, ranking among the top ten in the tournament.

Brazil has six representatives participating in the main event in Prague. In addition to Neto, Cairo El Kadre also made it to day two alive, albeit with only 30,000 chips. Ricardo Nakamura, Michio Kawasaki and Pablo Silva registered for the event but failed to advance to the second day, while Bruno Folkman Bruno Volkmann signed up late and gave up halfway.

The winner of the Main Event will receive €1,030,000 in home prize money, while ITM will enter at 191

Portuguese João Mestre leads the chips in qualifying with 359,000 on Day 1A , followed by Bulgaria’s Yulian Bogdanov (315,000 chips) and China’s Cheng Chao (306,500 chips). Day 1B saw Hungarian Daniel Koloszar (304,500) take first place.

EPT Prague Day 2 is back and has started with 1,000/1,500 blinds. Levels last 90 minutes, and players must play five levels the next day or until the bubble bursts.

Elias Neto has an impressive chip stack and tops t...

BSOP Millions: Paulo Joanello conquers 2-day high roller

Paulo Joanello wins 2-Day High Roller Championship...

The BSOP Millions High Roller showcases the strength of the event. On Wednesday (29th), the last day of the historical stage, several champions were crowned at the Sheraton Hall of the World Trade Center, and one of them was very special. Paulo Joanello, a charismatic figure in the Brazilian poker scene, put in an impeccable performance to win the 2-day High Roller Championship.

Leaving the event with the trophy, Joanello persevered and qualified for the coveted R$ 15,000 tournament in Game 45 by just minutes. Paulo emerged victorious from a field of 81 entrants and received a generous prize of R$232,765. The money came from transactions between 4 people.

“Two days of competition, a little nervous, but I’m happy, right? I was tied up and I played all the expensive stuff. It was great to finally get that first BSOP Millions trophy and win . Just the final table made me happy, everything went well in the end and I’m happy,” said Joanello.

As the name of the tournament suggests, it is a very compact two-day event. Joanello entered the final day with an average chip stack following a strong performance, but he had to use good strategy to overcome the bubble in 11th place.

“I just wanted to survive, and I did it. I passed.” In the middle, I had a bubble eight blind and had to go all-in, but no one called and I advanced. I didn’t do well in the FT, but the structure was tight and I managed to win the all-in I was in. The decisive hand “This is the hand” KK blindly played AK, and everything went smoothly from that point on. However, I was able to settle down over the course of five games and continue to win. ” she said.

At the end of another season, Joanello has had a busy year as one of the Brazilian WSOP champions, participating in multiple events with his father, Luiz Joanello. Now his next One step to 2024:

“I want to go to the Bahamas, but I can’t. I have to work and have a lot of business and family responsibilities. “But in 2024 I plan to visit as many people as possible. I had so much fun here that I forgot about everything and spent 15 days traveling. Wherever I am, I will be there,” he concluded .

View the entire prize pool:

1. – Paulo Joanello – 232,765 R$*

2. – Leandro Bustillo – R$ 161,145*

3. – Lionel Garza – R$ 161,145*

4. – Luan Pereira – R$ 161,145*

5. – Hermogenes Gelonezi – R$ 80,000

6° – Alex Gelinski – R$ 62,500

7. – Hugo Marcelo – BRL 49,500

8. – Julian Pineda – R$ 38,500

9. – Bernardo Dias – R$ 29,200

*4 hands traded

Paulo Joanello wins 2-Day High Roller Championship...

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