2023 WSOP Tournament Results

All 2023 World Series Winners

The WSOP is over, all the bracelets have found their owners, and there are hundreds of millions in prize money. Players now have to pay their taxes and then get ready for a new challenge – and the end of the offline year is expected to be intense.

Traditionally, most victories have been won by the Americans – they have 59 of the 95 gold bracelets (live form only). Chinese players also performed well. They have won six and share that success with the Canadians. The unstoppable Brazilian has only won 3 bracelets this year.

Many other countries celebrated with 1-2 bracelets: Denmark, Portugal, Vietnam, Vietnam, Australia, Poland, Moldova, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Austria.

Our poker players made a lot of deep passes, the best score was the Ukrainian player. With a gold bracelet in her piggy bank won by Vadim Shlez, Main Event finalist Ruslan Pridrik and a third-place finish from Oli Ermolcheva, she will have to face poker legends.

All winners, WSOP 2023 tournaments and prize pools are listed in the table below.

All 2023 World Series Winners

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  • Bartell.meagan

    This text highlights the conclusion of the WSOP and the distribution of bracelets among various countries, with the US leading in victories. It also mentions the successful performance of Chinese players and the limited success of Brazilian players.

  • This text provides a brief overview of the results of the WSOP, highlighting the countries that have had the most success in winning bracelets. It also mentions the achievements of Ukrainian players and provides information on upcoming poker events in 2023.

  • This text discusses the conclusion of the WSOP tournament, highlighting the dominance of American players in winning the most gold bracelets. It also mentions successful performances by players from China, Canada, Brazil, and various other countries, along with a mention of Ukrainian player achievements. A table is provided listing WSOP 2023 winners and prize pools.

  • Brielle.becker

    This text discusses the results of the WSOP, emphasizing American dominance but also highlighting successful players from other countries like China, Brazil, and Ukraine. It mentions the upcoming challenges for players as they prepare for the end of the offline year and lists the winners and prize pools of the WSOP 2023 tournaments.

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